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Fundraising Ideas - Cookies to Decorate

Help your organization raise needed funds by organizing a FundRACEing drive using a Cookies To Decorate cookie decorating kit, specific to your organization. FundRACEing is a smarter and more effective means to help your organization meet their financial goals. FundRACEing is short for Revenues received for the sale of all kits sold, Awarness of your cause, Conversation about your organization and the Enthusiasm for those selling and purchasing the Cookies To Decorate cookie decorating kits.

With your help, Cookies To Decorate can design specific cookies that best reflect your organization. Each kit would have a letter thanking the customer for their support while providing your organization’s goals behind this fundraising event. Earn up to 30% back off the total purchase price of every kit sold and see your revenues grow! Check out the current FundRACEing events under our Fundraiser Cookie Kits section on the Cookies To Decorate website. Contact Cookies To Decorate at (518) 280-6173 for the specifics on how to get started on FundRACEing today.