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What's included in the Cookie Decorating Kit

Cookie, Cake and Cupcake Decorating Kits

No time to bake, but still want to decorate?

Cookies To Decorate kits were designed to eliminate the most difficult part of making cookies, cakes and cupcakes; shopping for the ingredients along with mixing and baking the treats. Our fresh baked cookies, cakes and cupcakes come ready for the fun part, decorating! Best of all, Cookies To Decorate cookies come in two flavors and many themes; perfect for holidays, special occasions, birthdays and more. Cookies To Decorate cookies are not like the traditional hard sugar cookies you may be accustomed to.

The Cookies To Decorate cookie is a soft cookie that is firm enough to decorate, yet stays soft and delicious when frosted. Iced with our special cookie frosting and topped with the edible fun decorations included in every kit, this is the perfect edible craft for all ages! Our delicious cupcakes come in vanilla flavor with fresh homemade vanilla buttercream frosting ready for coloring in your favorite shades. The cupcake kits also include plenty of delicious edible decorations. Our yummy cake kit includes a double thick chocolate chip cookie cake, plenty of colored vanilla buttercream bags along with edible decorations. Fun begins with Cookies To Decorate Cookie Decorating, Cake Decorating and Cupcake Decorating Kits!

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Check out our Cookie, Cake and Cupcake Decorating "How To" videos for help with mixing and coloring the frosting, filling the decorating bags and easy tips for decorating the cookies, cakes and cupcakes.